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As photographers, we tend to love our job behind the camera but cringe at the work we have to do behind the computer screen. From taxes to workflows to pricing and booking, the BUSINESS SIDE 
of our business can leave us feeling like frauds and can steal the joy and freedom that we desired from our businesses in the first place. If you're tired of drowning in the behind the scenes of you business, you can experience true change. You can thrive instead of just survive.... let me help you make the change!

Do any of these situations describe
your relationship with your business?

CONSTANTLY DISAPPOINTED with your year-end profit (or lack thereof)?


HORRIBLE AT BUSINESS and just want to be a CREATIVE? 

SPENDING PRECIOUS TIME AWAY from your family with nothing to show for it FINANCIALLY?


NOT BOOKING, but your work is gorgeous and you just don’t get it?

WANT TO BUILD A BRAND that isn't a cloned copy of the girl next door?

PASSIONATE ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY but feel like giving up on making it a business?

PLAYING THE SOCIAL MEDIA GAME but not seeing any results?



DESIRE A CLIENT EXPERIENCE that is successful, MARKETABLE, repeatable, and creates raving fans?

FEELING THE PAINS OF BURNOUT, but you desire to SAVE your business and regain your life?

Do you have a SOLELY PORTFOLIO-BASED BUSINESS that has left you with a CAP TO YOUR PRICES?


ARE CONTRACTS, PRICING, and WORKFLOWS the death of you... like, you REALLY HATE them and need a plan?

WORKING AT 1AM, NEVER GETTING AHEAD and need to finally feel IN CONTROL of your business?

GETTING STARTED but at a LOSS for what steps to take towards professionalism?

GIVEN UP ON BLOGGING, SOCIAL MEDIA & PINTEREST & want a realistic approach on how to use them effectively.

Do your clients just want their images & COULD CARE LESS about who you are, resulting in LOW PRICES?

If TWO or more resonate...

it's a fit!


life & business could look like,

"stop just dreaming about what your 

dream a reality!"


this collection will make that

Do you have scattered, unorganized workflows that always lead to feeling behind, your clients aren’t impressed, you have increased anxiety and stress with every shoot that you do… this makes you feel incapable, unprofessional, behind, overwhelmed, snippy, irritated and discouraged?


I get it… I see this happen all of the time and you’re not wrong to feel this way…. but you have to understand that if this pattern continues, you will not only be burned out, you will be at risk of being bankrupt. 80% of businesses close their doors because of issues just like this...leaving them with debt and disappointment. This doesn't have to be your story... in fact, it can't be your story! It is totally possible to experience peace AND profit in your business!

You’re at a crossroads…. how are you going to shoot THAT much and still maintain balance in your life? I remember shooting 42 weddings a year… my friends never saw me, I missed concerts, trips, girls nights…. I missed family dinners, holiday traditions, and just laying on the couch with Michael…. I know it feels like you’re stuck… like you can’t even get out of this trap of a situation… but you CAN. I promise you that you CAN because I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve done it!


It’s understandable WHY you feel these things… but here’s what’s at stake… when EVERY shoot pushes you further and further behind, it’s also pushing a wedge between you and your family. It’s a SCARY cycle. Your attitude, your stress level and your feelings of inadequacy don't STAY IN YOUR OFFICE…. your family feels that. Your husband, your wife, your kids, your friends… they all experience you to be on edge and overwhelmed… and that has lasting effects in your home and in your LIFE!

Is ineffective marketing, inappropriate pricing & poor online presence leading to booking the wrong clients or not booking clients at all? Wrong clients will strip all of the passion and excitement out of your business. You’ll start to dread getting emails because of the complaints, you’ll start to question your own work because of the dissatisfaction of your demanding clients, you’ll start to grow weary of the work because you don’t see ANYTHING to show for it in your bank account…. these patterns eventually convince you that this idea of making your photography a business…. well it was a good idea… but this was NOT what you signed up for & you're desperately ready for a change. You're ready to experience new life and new joy in your business!

Maybe you’re doing ok… you’re booking, you’re shooting, you're editing, and your clients seem happy… but something about your brand, your social media presence, your pricing structure and your portfolio isn’t adding up. No matter how hard you try, you are STUCK at your current price point… and you know that in order to make the money you need from your business…you would have to shoot 30-40 weddings a YEAR at those current prices. 









Which pattern

Be honest, this affects
every area of your life!

best describes your


just imagine

look like.....

Avoid burnout
the pain that comes with it


Stop questioning everything about your business. Be confident in your abilities and have clarity about who you are as a professional photographer. The greatest battle is the battle of the mind. Unorganized and dysfunctional businesses make it extremely hard to believe in your abilities and your level of professionalism. When you establish effective business practices, you’ll begin to experience the JOY of running your own business instead of stress, anxiety and feelings of inadequacy.

Have clarity
be taken seriously as a professional

Feel the relief and the comfort of knowing that everything in your business is done well and everything is done right. When your business is functioning well legally, you get the joy of working confidently & securely… never worrying that something will fall through the cracks. 



Your business can be organized into efficient systems and that means minimal time behind your computer. You can create a business that works for you and gives you the freedom to truly stop work at 5pm. This is your chance to live the life every entrepreneur longs for…. no stress, systems that are sustainable, and freedom in your schedule.

Burnout happens when your passion fades and your energy is exhausted. When you have a business that is thriving, you won’t run the risk of losing your business to burnout because you’ll have the tools you need to feel in control. The best part about avoiding burnout in business is that you’ll save yourself the pain of hurting those around you. When you feel like you’re failing, it’s impossible for others to feel the repercussion of that in your life. This is your chance to protect yourself from burnout and take hold of the reigns of your business instead of letting it rule over you! 

Eliminate stress
be present to live life


Confidence in your business
how it can protect you

When your business makes more money, you can finally do the things you’ve always wanted to do through your business. Maybe you’re wanting to PAY DOWN DEBT…. maybe you’re wanting to GO FULL TIME… maybe you’re wanting to SURPRISE YOUR CHILDREN with an AMAZING TRIP! Maybe you’re wanting to stop living PAYCHECK to PAYCHECK… or maybe you are just simply ready for your business to be profitable so that you can have peace that you’re doing the right thing with your life!

Support your family 
hit financial goals


This module is hands down the most popular of all 12 modules!

module 1:
the art of a
personal brand

How to Build a Brand that No One Can Compete With : When you build a brand around who you are, you set yourself apart, you increase your value and you start attracting clients that are similar to you in style and personality! This means higher prices, lower client stress & maximized marketing potential. 

The Personal and Professional Balance of an Effective Brand : You will learn the specific art of creating a brand around yourself that will maintain your professionalism while simultaneously letting people into your life in a genuine and authentic way.

The Foundational Steps that Build Relational Equity in a Brand :  You'll learn what to do first, the order of steps to take to make your personal brand most effective & how to ease your brand into a new season of being more personal! 

• How to Create Your Own Engaging Content for Your Personal Brand : After I teach you how to create a brand around who you are, I won't leave you hanging. I'll help you brainstorm the content, and help you find what your audience connects to and what they are pulling away from. 

What's Inside the KJ Business Collection:

module 2:

What's Inside the KJ business collection:

Making More Money While Creating an Even Deeper Impact

The Secrets to Creating a Loyal & Committed Tribe:  I'm sharing why our clients follow us for years, why they pay quadruple what the average couple pays for photography, why they are loyal to us & choose us even if it means sacrificing other parts of their wedding budget. 

• How to Increase Your Value & Purpose Simultaneously: There is a way to make more money and also have more impact with your clients at the same time. In this module, I'll teach you the beginner, intermediate and advanced steps to take to get to this level of business. 

Say Goodbye to Bridal Shows, Burnout & Bad Marketing Attempts:  there are so many photographers wasting money on bad marketing that may seem legit  but in reality is limiting what they can charge and keeping them from attracting potential community-style clients. 

Establishing & Growing Your Three Vital Points of Connection: In order to create a tribe and community within your business, you have to have ALL THREE connection points. I'll share how to do it, ideas for how you can implement  my proven system in your own unique way and how to maintain it! 

module 3:
Blogging + Your Personal brand

What's Inside the KJ Business collection:

Free Advertising, Brand Anchoring & Client Experience all in One!

Why Blogging Produces Loyal Clients & How to Get Started :  Did you know that  successful online marketers are very aware that blogging isn't dead despite what some are preaching? In this module, specialist Davey & Krista Jones share info on how to get a blog started and I share EVERYTHING I know about how to make your blog a booking generator for your business.

How to Win your Clients Over Through Writing : Most people don't blog because they say they can't WRITE! That's an easy fix! I'll teach how your writing can be more laid back, your approach can be more personal and how what you SAY can actually make more impact than what you SHOW! 

Katelyn’s Blog Writing Template & Workflow : The hard part of blogging is actually  making it happen! We're all capable of doing it but it's the TIME that makes it seem impossible! I'll help you learn what to write, how to create a speedy workflow that is realistic and how to make each post market for you!

Using Blogging to Build your Tribe & Transform your Editing Workflow! : Believe it or not, I  deliver wedding galleries in 7 days and I blog weddings in 48 hours! This is ALL because of our blogging commitment and workflow.  I'll teach you how to replicate my system so that you can be done with work by Tuesday evening each week after wedding and portrait weekends!

module 4:
realistic social
media management

What's Inside the KJ Business collection:

Techniques, Tools & Systems to Showcasing Yourself on Social Media

Breaking through the Barriers of Personal Sharing 99% of the time, our students see 4x the engagement on their personal posts... but how do you know what to share?! I'll  teach you my boundaries, my purpose, and my system for personal sharing. 

Stop Wasting Time on Instagram & Facebook (& Start Making Money) : It sounds harsh, but your social media time may be killing your business instead of growing it. In this module, I'll share proven ways to make social media truly  an effective and vital part of your brand instead of a source of comparison that cripples your confidence. 

• Create a Realistic Social Media Plan that is actually Attainable & Not Overwhelming  
Let's be honest, most social media courses present unrealistic advice for how to run social media. In this module, I have a system to help you create your own plan based  off of three different factors that are unique  to you. 

 Utilizing Standard Instagram Posting & Instastories in your Business :  SPOILER ALERT! I don't think you should use every single social media platform! I think it's more effective to  use one platform and take advantage of all that it has to offer! For me, it's Instagram and I'm sharing how you can use every part of this platform in a strategic & effective way!

module 5:
The Complete KJ
Bride Experience

What's Inside the KJ Business collection:

From Inquiry to End-of-the-Experience Events

My Streamlined System of Client Surprises : We have well-planned, perfectly timed surprises for our clients (many that don't cost a dime!). We also know that an annual in-person client event is pivotal to forming extra-strong communities within your client base! I'm give you access to all of our systems for surprises as well as helping you find a unique & personal way to unite your community within your budget range! 

• Access to Our "Initial Inquiry" Email Template that Prevents Ghosting Tired of never hearing back? I get it. That is so frustrating! Our template can help and it's included in the KJ Business Collection! It's the perfect mix of personal, professional and pro-active! 

Access to All of the 10 Phases of the KJ Bride Experience : Great experiences come from organized systems and intentional workflows that are both easily repeatable and purposeful. KJ Business Collection students get access to all of this behind the scenes information that has made every phase of the KJ Bride experience exceptional while also receiving instructions on how to replicate it for their own clients!

Find out how much of your work you need to give away! :  That's right! I doubled my income when I started outsourcing and I'm going to help you do the same. We'll start little by little and then build up to being fully outsourced & set free to grow!

module 6: foundations of business + finance

What's Inside the KJ Business collection

Setting Up Your Business for Legal & Financial Peace

How We Save, Spend and Make Our Business Financially Secure : We get a little personal in this module. We talk about our approach to finances in our personal life and how that  makes us thrive financially in our business. Learn our saving methods, how we pay ourselves, and overcome the scarcity mentality. 

How to Get Started & Maintain a Legally Official Business (Usable Lawyer-created Contract Included! $300+ value) : Our lawyer is a specialist in the creative world and focuses in on wedding contracts! She has not only allowed us to purchase contracts to give to all of our  students, she has  included a training video that teaches you about Trademarks, DBA's, Business Entity options, EIN's, Business License requirements & Contracts. 

Insurance Options, 3 Types of  Taxes You Need to Pay, & The Truth About Debt : We've been told that we're finally teaching what others are avoiding. I understand why that's the  case. It's not fun teaching on these topics but these are the things business owners are desperate to understand. Stop feeling uneducated  & unsure! This module will fix that!

Our Financial Monthly Checklist : Learn how we manage and maintain the entire legal and financial side of our business by delegating and scheduling monthly tasks. 

module 7:
Technical Branding + Specialization

What's Inside the KJ Business Collection

Technical Design Education For Your Visual Brand & Website

Design Education to Help Enhance Both Young and Experienced Brands : If you're not ready to pay for a big brand overhaul, no problem! You may not need to anyway! I teach  tips and techniques to makeover your visual brand without hiring a designer! My background is in graphic design and so this module is my personal favorite!  If you have a professionally designed brand, this module will help push you to adjust and tweak it to the next level!

Worksheet: Find Clarity Instead of Confusion When Defining Your Ideal Client : In this module, I walk you through a process for defining  your ideal client. And yes, it's more than just "where would your ideal client shop!". That doesn't REALLY get to the heart of who your ideal client is. This worksheet challenges you to find your ideal client's qualities & turn it into descriptors to use in your website design. 

"Must Have Branding Elements" and "Hot Mess" Checklists : These checklists determine if you need to eliminate or add brand elements while also giving you a good understanding of the health of  your brand overall!

• Website Critiques: Learn From Real Life Examples From Fellow Students : I take real-life websites and teach through changes and adjustments that I would suggest these photographers make based on the education I'm sharing in this  module! 

module 8:
Office organization + Systems

What's Inside the KJ Business Collection

Building Processes That Produce Growth & Reduce Stress

Fixing the Battle Between “Maintaining vs Growing” Tasks : If you spend all of your time editing, doing emails & maintaining social media, you will never grow. I know that's harsh, but it's just reality! We have to break through this never-ending, dead-end cycle and this module will help you learn how!

Post-Processing & Booking Workflows + Software We Can’t Live Without : We can't maintain our organized office life without several tools of the trade! Learn how we book our clients online, manage our client's information, payments, questionnaires, & invoices, and how we track our own client booking stats plus monitor our workflow progress for each shoot. 

Learn My Systems for TEN Different Aspects of My Office Life : If there is more than one step to something, I have a system. My business is  organized in a way that I could hand off any part of it and someone else could replicate my tasks! This module will help you learn how to do the same!

 Find Your Individual Productivity Style and Your Bottlenecks in Your Business : You're not going to get stuff done like the girl down the street or on your instagram scroll. You need to find what actually works for you and OWN it! I'm a mixture of pen/paper  and online checklists but Michael is the COMPLETE opposite! Also find the parts of your office life that are getting in the way of your growth and need to  be overhauled!

module 9:
Healthy + Effective networking

What's Inside the KJ Business Collection:

Building a Reputation That Builds Your Business

The Do’s and Don't’s of Vendor Networking : There are brilliant things to try in Networking and there are also ways to network that will produce negative results long term. In this module, I'll share practical ways to network in a healthy and effective way that won't  come off  as "over-the-top" or fake to other vendors and venues. 

The Power of Bursting Out of Your Bubble : Genuine Friendships Lead to Trustworthy Referrals : If you're an introvert, this part of the module was specifically created with you in mind. In this section, I share how networking doesn't have to be intimidating and if done well, this part of your business can actually produce the most referral results and also give you the most genuine friendships you have in the industry! 

How to Build Your Reputation IN-PERSON, PRE & POST-EVENT & BEYOND THE EVENT : In this module I list out all of the ways I recommend that photographers make an impact with other vendors while they are working together, before and immediately after working together  and then beyond the event itself!

• Booking through Planners, Venues, Vendors & Past Clients : The truth is, it's hard to break through the pre-existing cliques in the photo industry, isn't it? I get it. I have experienced that! However, I have also learned how to work around this issue and find my place in the industry and I can help you do the same!

module 10:
Simplified pricing

What's Inside the KJ Business Collection:

Taking The Guesswork Out of What to Charge 

Determining Your Income Goal & If You Have a Technical Pricing Issue or a Confidence Issue! : Without a goal, you have no way to cap bookings, pursue more bookings, fight to raise prices or measure if you're satisfied with your success! You also need to determine what kind of  pricing problems you're having in order to know how to move forward in this area of your business! This module will help you determine where you are and discover how to take healthy next-steps!

Determining What You’re Worth & Why : Who is telling you what to charge? What is determining your starting price? What is making you feel justified in the pricing you currently have? These are the questions I'm helping you work through in this module. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that you are long overdue for a price raise!

4 Dimensions of Value vs. THE DEAD ZONE : If you want answers on why you're in a booking  slump, this is the module that will make it clear.  You're either lacking in a dimension  of  value in a significant way or you're in the DEAD ZONE which is both encouraging and terrifying  at the same time. Don't know what the Dead Zone is in pricing? Then you are desperate need of this pricing module!
• Our Simplified Pricing System for Weddings, Destination Work, and Family & Friends : Gain access to our proven pricing structure that hasn't changed in over 8 years because of its effectiveness and ease in the booking process!

module 11:
Portfolio Selection + Styling

What's Inside the KJ Business Collection:

Protecting How You Are Perceived

Curation Training: What to Keep, What to Trash, & What Will Elevate Your Brand : This is the quickest and easiest way to make your work worth more! The human brain loves certain visual patterns. Simplicity, negative space, color stories, b&w usage, etc... it all has an effect on whether or not your portfolio comes across as high end as possible!

Portfolio Critiques: What is Working, What Isn’t & Why : In this module, I personally critique real-life portfolios and show what is working and what isn't. However, I won't just leave it at that, I then explain why certain images are devaluing a portfolio and how to correct it. 

Styling Checklist : Creating Your Portfolio with Intention: Order, Flow, Feel &
: This is where I give you a list of guidelines to follow to ensure that your portfolio is at its absolute best! You'll be amazed at how avoiding distractions, emphasizing the editorial and strategically ordering your work will make your gallery look more valuable and equally  more desirable!  

Creating Cohesiveness : Matching Your Portfolio to Your Overall Brand & Where You’re Headed : In this module, I'll help you determine what style you want to actually stick with so that you can grow in your consistency and overall brand identity!

module 12:
protecting your passion + Purpose

What's Inside the KJ Business Collection:

Discovering How Your Passion Can Fulfill Your Purpose

Five Ways to Protect Your Passion : If you lose your passion for your work, you lose so much than just your business, you can lose your purpose as well. You are uniquely gifted and your gifts are meant to be shared. This section will help you protect your passion from burnout so that you can continue to make a beautiful  impact on the world!

Finding Courage To Share Your Story: How to Share, What to Share & Why You Should Share It : When you realize that your creative gift exists to make an impact on the world, you start to realize that it's not just your creativity that is a gift but your story is a gift also. What you've walked through, the obstacles you have overcome, the journey you've been on that has brought you to this season of your life.... it's all purposeful. This module will teach you how to use your story to change lives! You may be thinking that this is the module that doesn't apply to you, but I can GUARANTEE you, it's just the opposite. This is the module that no one is excluded from. Everyone has a story worthy of being shared. 

From "Money Maker" to "Life Changer" -  Leaving an Unforgettable Legacy : 
When you start succeeding in business, it doesn't just affect you and your family, it can be  the most beautiful gift to the world. This part of  the module  will help you see  the biggest picture of your impact and inspire  you to generously  consider what ways you would like to give back and how giving  back can be woven into your client's experience  as well! 

"Absolutely worth every penny!"


content is priceless!"


"As a 
'must invest'
for all photographers!"


"I Was able to leave my full time job!"


to double
my income!"


"I got a
great value
for my investment!"



Our students are experiencing...

When your business thrives, so does your life...

"I feel secure in my future. I’m still in college and pursuing a business degree... but sometimes I feel like I’ve already learned it all from Katelyn! You can't get this content anywhere else! My bookings and income have tripled, I look professional (even as a 20 year old!), and I redid my pricing and people have still been booking me with no questions because they want me and my experience... not just my pictures."   -MADISON

"I left my job in May (where I had a steady paycheck and 1/2 price private school tuition for my 3 girls) because I was burning the candle at both ends trying to grow my business. Now I run my business during the day and get to spend time with my family in the evenings! My oldest is a senior and I want to enjoy every moment!" -MICHELLE

"I feel like I'm not just a mom who takes nice pictures with her fancy camera. I feel like a legit business owner. I'm confident in knowing how to run my business and I know clearly the areas that still need work. I feel like it has given me a leg up on all the other mom photographers in my area because I KNOW I am running a legit business and that gives me confidence! It's no longer a hobby that pays me, it's a growing and thriving business that blessed my clients and my own family. " -LAURA

quit your 9-to-5 job
get quality family time back


no longer just a
mom with a nice camera




Since quitting her job, Michelle has over tripled her bookings within one year, has regained new confidence in her role as business owner & is building a business that is thriving!



made for my business!"


Made for my business!"


"I made  10K last year and looking to hit 40K  by the end of the year! And I just raised my prices and booked a bride who didn't even bat an eye! PLUS I quit my day job to pursue this full time!"


of debt paid off

the numbers

the evidence is in

our students are KILLING their financial goals!






in 10 months


"I went from 37K last year to 80K this year!(more depending on this booking season). And I left my soul crushing day job which has been amazing!"


"I paid off my credit cards! Over $10,000 in credit card  debt, I went on a personal mission to get rid of it and I did it!!"



gross income within

first 2 yEArs

"Quitting my 6 figure job and starting a business from scratch, I'm blown away that I was able to bring my income almost to what I was making in a corporate job within 2 years!!"


Ever worried that you're not legally legit?! With the KJ Business Collection you can rest at ease knowing that you and your business are covered! Caroline shares her legal expertise and customizable contract template! 


Davey is a genius at all things design, hosting, coding, SEO, and building amazing brands! His expertise in these areas will allow your brand to book  ideal clients on autopilot! 

Social media is a beast of a topic, I knew I needed to bring in an expert! Vanessa is the master of all things Pinterest related, she has helped our students to  experience exponential growth in their exposure and marketing through this platform!







Here's exactly


what you get in the

Plus 3 Exclusive Bonuses
from Industry leaders!


35+ hours of Exclusive content

12 RESOURCE-PACKED, Actionable business MODULES

Lifetime access


private Facebook community

12+ Hours of Q+A Podcast recordings

SEO Training by
davey jones

pinterest Training by Vanessa kynes

BONUS: Seo training by Specialist Davey Jones

Bonus: Legally Legit By Attorney Caroline Fox

BONUS: Customizable Contract Template

BONUS: Pinterest training by Specialist Vanessa Kynes

legally legit again!

never worry that you're not


legal peace of mind immediately when you enroll

"The contract is a gift in itself. Honestly, it's one of the things I am most proud to walk away with from this experience. It feels good. It's peace of mind and that is priceless.”  -CHRISTINE

Caroline Fox of Engaged Legal, is an attorney for creatives! She personally created MY wedding contract and then made it into a fully customizable template to be included in the Business Collection! And as an extra bonus, anyone with access to this template will receive free revisions and updates as Caroline makes them!

A professional & friendly contract that protects!

Complete collection for $699!

35+ Hours of Video Content

or 3 months X $250

KJ BUsiness collection

The complete

normally $1200  |  SAVE 40% ($500)

Arrow KJ

12 Resource-Packed, Actionable, Business Modules


12+ Hours of Q+A Podcast Recordings

Lifetime Access

Private KJ Facebook Community

BONUS: Customizable Contract (created by attorney)

BONUS: SEO by Specialist Davey Jones

BONUS: Legally Legit by Attorney Caroline Fox

BONUS: Pinterest by Specialist Vanessa Kynes

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Too old? too young?
too new? doesn't matter.

family longing for change?

confidence, new systems, new patterns, new life.

Hear what KJ Business Collection Alumni would tell photographers who are considering becoming KJ students! These  students vary in experience level, age, & style.

This family's life has changed in more ways than one! They're making more money,  quit a full time job, finally broke the cycle of  being a workaholic & took a month long vacation!

These students are done feeling like frauds, done letting their business's run their lives and done just hoping something will change and they are MAKING change happen!

hear from our


don't just take our word for it

risk free

Buyer’s remorse keeps you up at night? No worries! It’s done the same for me (hello, Target statement necklace section), and I don’t want that for you: enjoy my 30-day, risk-free happiness policy, because if you’re not happy, I’m not happy.
If you complete all 12 modules (35+ hours) of content within those 30 days, work through the worksheets/homework, and still feel like there’s no way you can apply these systems to your photography business, I’ll buy the collection back from you. 
*If you have accessed the Contract Template, you are only eligible for an 80% refund* 

Arrow KJ

that's what i needed to hear. now i'm in!

My No Fluff Policy:


 I've been there. The "Fear of Fluff" is real and can cause hesitation when investing in online education!  This is a fluff-free zone. I am committed to that because I've been burned by that myself in the past. You deserve quality content that changes your life and that is exactly what you will get!

Money back Guarantee


"for the first time in

at business!"

- Lynn

The KJ Business Collection may be geared towards wedding photographers, but we have seen first-hand how this education has transformed portrait businesses! Smart business principles are far reaching and can be applied to many different types of businesses. Whether it’s marketing, social media, blogging, personal branding, building a tribe, etc…. ANYONE with a photography business will benefit and thrive off of this education.

Is this collection just for wedding photographers?

This is great question! All educators are different. While I may share similar views and approaches to business as other successful photographers, I have a very different teaching style and I have different experiences to share. You’ll need to decide if the difference of my personality, my teaching style, my unique business experience and the creative structure of this new approach to business education is enough reason to invest. We realize that this resource is a large investment. This full year's worth of business training will be unlike anything you have experienced before in business education. If you’re ready to dive in, we’re excited to have you! 


You'll get access immediately! And have access FOREVER, so you can pull up these videos and lessons whenever you need a boost or a refresher course. Watch at your own pace with one module a week … or move a bit slower if you need to! I know you have family needs and other things to tend to, so I want to make sure you have access to these tools forever. Once you enroll, you'll receive login information via email so beginning exploring the content!

HOw and When do i get access?

Enrollment for the Business Collection will be closing! At this time we will not have the Business Collection available in our store front. Once the doors closed, you will not be able to join again until the next enrollment period. 

Can I sign up anytime?

ABSOLUTELY!!! Yes, it’s so much smarter to do all of this at the very beginning and set your business up for success well, instead of having to go back and change things a year or two in! 

Is this a good fit for a beginner?I'm just starting out!

I have a super tight return policy -- but it’s only because I want to make sure I’m attracting dedicated, serious photographers. I have worked so hard to make this program serve you right where you are, but I certainly understand the fear in buying something you can’t fully experience before purchase--that would give me pause, too! As such, by purchasing, you’re agreeing to my 30-day guarantee: if you complete the entire 12 modules of the course and do all the work and aren’t satisfied, just show me your work, let me know why it wasn’t a great fit for you and I’m happy to buy the course back from you. 

Do you offer refunds?

I would love to chat with you, and make sure this is the right fit! Email our team at with questions and someone from the KJ Team will get back to you ASAP!

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

You don’t! You just need a computer and access to the internet. I will mention some tools that I use to make our business more streamlined and organized but they are not necessary in order thrive from this Business Collection! 


Immediately!! Within 1 hour of your purchase you should receive an invoiced receipt of your purchase and then a separate email from "Katelyn James Courses" containing your login information and link for accessing the course site. 



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It gave me CONFIDENCE in areas I didn't even realize I was lacking confidence in!

For example I didn't feel worthy of outsourcing editing, but when Katelyn spoke about OUTSOURCING I was literally in tears because she spoke directly to my heart.

Within a few days I had hired a private editor and that decision has given me so much more than I even imagined.



I have more time with my family and so much less stress because I have delegated tasks to reliable people."

"This course gave me the confidence to...

She didn't even bat an eye at my pricing!! And I have to be honest, there is no way I would have gotten this booking if it wasn't for KJ! Over the past year while taking this course I have implemented multiple concepts, ideas, strategies, etc. that Katelyn has been teaching



I have actually really only be going full force into weddings on my own for 2 years. However, this course has pushed and motivated me to charge what I feel I am worth!


I recently raised my prices to over $3k and I did just book an amazing and IDEAL bride at that price point!

& I believe the sole reason I got this booking is because of what I have learned!!"

I’ve gotten 19 leads between April-June compared to 3 this time last year!!! 

I believe it’s because I’m being more helpful to my brides via my website, social media and my bride experience.

It has raised the bar and since I haven’t changed anything else I give credit to KJ's Business Collection! 

This is the best value for the cost and the best thing I’ve purchase for my business in 10 years.


Take one section at a time and work it into your business and youR confidence and revenue will soar!!



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